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Web Sites

Do you want to have your own website to promote themselves in such an important and crowded medium as Internet is?
we can help you create the site that will suit you in every single aspect, through some of the following technologies Responsive Design, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript.

Web Applications

Are you interested in improving the logistics and procedures you use in your business, to become more productive, safe, reliable and accurate?
Our better engineers will be glad to help you develop your project with their skills in some technologies like Laravel, Postgresql, ASP.NET, SQL, Responsive Design, Web Security, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript.
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Web Services

Do you have the need to exchange data between different software applications developed in different programming languages to execute them on any platform?
We can do it thereby achieving interoperability. Our engineers will be happy to help you and create a web service for you, using server side languages like C# and PHP.

Mobile development

Want to develop an application to access it quickly from your smartphone?
We can do it through iOS (Xcode), Hybrid (Xamarin) or Android (Android Studio).


Take a look at some of our recent work


Global Export Logistic Assistant


We are glad to tell you a small part of our story

  • 2016-2017

    Kaimer Softeam

    We are a group of four entrepreneurs who always wanted to take our passion for technology and the advantages they offer to achieve and undertake a new initiative and thus benefit many people. That's how we come into Kaimer Softeam.

  • Global Export Logistic Assistant

    As a change initiative in the field of exporting logistics used in Costa Rica where almost the majority of the exporter companies handle their processes manually. Kaimer Softeam saw the need for improving the processes through a system called GELA that automates the exporting logistics processes.

  • First placement

    After days of dedication, We got the results of our efforts when the GELA system was released to our first client, Productos Horticolas Norteños S.A. getting amazing results for all and thus forming a friendly connection to continue growing together.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

    Be part of our story

    We are still working on GELA and other new projects but we are capable to handle your business and we will be happy to help you work out your idea and put it out of the box

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